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Why Innovative Marketing?

Innovative Marketing is the First Firm to Bring Investor Relations, Corporate Communications and Marketing Together

Who We Are?

Innovative Marketing is comprised of marketing professionals who have been involved with and behind some of the most successful public companies in the market. We have been behind, and advertised for NASDAQ, AMEX, TSX, and OTC companies alike. Unlike most pop up IR firms, we have been successful at every level of public marketing. Once you have a formula for success, it is beneficial to test it across many platforms, and we have and continue to do so.

Our Mission?

Our goal is to connect you with investors interested in your sector. We do this for you by employing some or all of our services that are available in your budget. We can create a custom, provisional program for you that will maximize your budget without forsaking results.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our ideal client, is an undervalued, underexposed company, dedicated to growing their product and their market share. While we have a lot of experience in the big boards, and we do not discriminate based on capital. If it works on the big boards, it will work for you!

Our Services

Almost 19,000 companies trade on major U.S. exchanges alone, not including the ones who trade on the TSX and Frankfurt Exchange. By taking advantage of our services and our relationships, your company will make full use of its untapped potential across all exchanges where you are listed.

Innovative Marketing will become your company's active partner. We introduce your company to investors, stockbrokers, fund managers, institutions, market makers, and national media outlets. We have the resources to give exposure to your company while showcasing the products and services that you offer. Taking advantage of our advertising services will give you a competitive edge in the stock market and bring a value add to both your product and your stock. 

Innovative Marketing has partnerships with the best and longest running media outlets in the marketplace today. Put our relationships to use through our media buying program. Innovative Marketing will hire, on your behalf, or as a third party, the essential professionals and broadcasters (internet, television, satellite, and radio) to accomplish your specific goals within your budget. We have consultants across the US and Canada who can work with you and give you an honest and reachable target based on your specific needs. This approach works within the Innovative Marketing network and far beyond it.
The easiest decision a company can make, is to hire Innovative Marketing as an outside consultant. Our consultants have years of marketing success in your sector, and can advise you who to hire, who not to hire, and why. We can literally save you thousands of dollars in a just a  few phone calls. You will be happy you did, and your board will thank you for it!
Innovative Marketing is well connected in the investment community. We have established long term relationships with institutional and retail investors. We are capable of organizing one-on-one meetings between your company and large investors, stockbrokers, money managers, mutual fund managers, market makers, analysts, writers, and publishers. In addition, we have access to individual investors who will be provided current, accurate, and attractive information about your company. Our ultimate goal is to increase your market presence and public interest.
Innovative Marketing can work to deliver your news to investment terminals worldwide. Our ability to disseminate your company's press releases on a global, national, and industry-specific basis assures that you will be reaching your target market each and every time you release news.
Innovative Marketing has access to radio and television outlets as an additional tool for your company's story. With access to TV and radio station partners, you are able to reach millions of additional potential buyers.
Innovative Marketing works with popular podcast personalities who regularly interview influential people in the products and companies we advertise. We have the technology to do this over the phone to help keep costs down. Innovative Marketing can also show you how to do your own podcast, and develop an audience to keep abreast of what is going on with your products or company.
Innovative Marketing can communicate with your current (and future) shareholders, to keep them updated and informed of any corporation developments. As necessary, we will send out press releases, quarterly and annual financial reports, and any other information relative to your company's progress. In doing so, we are able to create and maintain a shareholder communications database that can be used for timely correspondence now and  in the future. 
Whether you already have a corporate web page that needs enhancement or you need one to be developed and maintained, Innovative Marketing's San Diego office can facilitate all aspects of your Internet presence. We can help you create and/or design a website, including social media sites, providing all the site management necessary (hosting, reporting and monitoring). We know what is effective and what to best include to attract and keep investors. We will then promote the site and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in order to get you a high listing in all major search engines. We can also attach micro-sites which are dedicated to press releases.
Innovative Marketing has the solution for companies that do not want to pay the thousands of dollars, up-front. The solution is our tier based membership program. We have three tiers of service, depending on how much reach and how much information you are trying to disseminate. The intention with this program is to allow public companies to have a long term marketing program established without the immediate jump in market activity that our larger budget campaigns can often produce. This approach gives an added sense of security to board members who are excited to be noticed and investors who are looking for action, all while keeping your capital working towards developing and producing new and better products.


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Each company is unique, and investors know it. You already understand why your company deserves investor attention. Our job is to let potential buyers know exactly what makes your investment opportunity stand out from your competitors. At Innovative Marketing, your campaign will be custom-tailored to your company's specific sector, and targeted to the right community. Our goal is to establish credibility for your company by creating and distributing informative, useful, and professional content.

Innovative Marketing has teamed up with an outside agency of MBA professionals to write thorough research reports for your company. This allows you 5 star reports at a reasonable cost.  Reports may include filings, press releases, websites, and other sources that portray your company in a positive and attractive light. Reports often include market research statistics, charts, figures, and images to give the reader a succinct snapshot view of your company to potential investors. The report will be published as a free PDF download on ours and our affiliates' websites, and will be announced to our subscriber list. Optionally, it can be announced via press release by you. 

Websites like YouTube have proven to be a great way of advertising and distributing information. We can help your company create and distribute professional quality videos that get your message across. Video is an optimal choice of medium because it is picked up quickly by search engines.. Our experience shows us that people pay greater attention to video and give it more credibility than other forms of media. We have the ability to distribute video content to many websites, blogs, video sites, article sites, bookmarking sites, social media, and podcast directories. Once these videos are "seeded," they can be picked up by numerous sources and be redistributed. It is common for our listings to dominate the search engines for the terms we target.
Starting the day you join, we can provide your company with extensive coverage on our main sites, as well as our affiliates. Our informational websites encompass all corporate information, centralizing an entire visual presentation of your company for the public. This eliminates or reduces the need for investor kit mailings, allowing your company maximum exposure in the timeliest manner available. Unlike other investment websites, our sites are diverse, and do not advertise you solely as a penny stock, or other unflattering term. Innovative Marketing does not want to paint you in a corner, or have you associated with other investment opportunities that may not be equal to yours.
We send out alerts via electronic newsletters. Within your first week, the buzz will be at full capacity, operating to provide maximum exposure for your company. All of our contact lists are comprised of double opt-in sign-ups from our in-house websites. Our opt-in e-mail campaigns are sent to spam-free prospective investor lists. Recipients of the e-mails will find information highlighting your company's business plan, progress, and aspirations. We will also send copies of any press releases as they become available.

Our internet presence makes us widely available to you and your potential investors, increasing your chance of making a connection. While this is all in house to keep cost down for our clients, we specialize in outsourcing and media buying for larger campaigns.

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